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Welcome ..


Why have you come across or landed upon this page? Some may say fate has led you here whilst others put it down to chance In this so called reality we we live In what are the odds that everything or any one thing has happened by chance?


The reasons may or may not seem clear to you at this present time depending upon your "reality", every moment that you have lived or has past in your has led you here for what reason i do not know , but we do know this you are seeking is a solution to improve your current situation .


Whatever has brought you here is not as important as where you choose to go from here , thats right you have a choice or free will to decide what you do from here onwards. You and only you can make the decision to hit the back button on your browser and return to wherever you came from or stay and continue reading word after word , step by step we want to show you how you can apply basic techniques in setting goals and achieving them because that is the main the reason that led you to this page to leave now without giving yourself the opportunity to see if these techniques work for you or not is like in my humble opinion walking up to a door and never pushing or pulling it open because you assume it is locked. Or you knock and not wait long enough for it to be answered.


Okay you decided to stay so ill cut out all the junk and tell you straight there is no easy way to achieve success. No one click route to millions of dollars. Quit falling for those get quick rich self improvement programs videos etc they are nothing but a bad drug . You know what I mean you get addicted to the hype the buzz that tremendous feeling of wow I am going read this book then I willl become a millionaire or I'll be free from working nine to five or Ill quit my job...


Whats happens a fews days months may be even years afterwards is that you find yourself in the same situation. Once again searching for the next fix. If any of this holds true to you it time for you to quit yes thats right quit paying for and buying books that teach you how to get rich. If you must buy something because going cold turkey isn't for you then focus on investing your hard earned cash or building up your assets.


Do not misunderstand me I am sure there are some good books written by good people with pages full of help full insights into making money or achieving success "out there",.


One thing to remember whenever embarking on a mission to achieve anything in life is to learn not only from what others have done but also learn from the mistakes they may have made on their particular journey.


Money? Strange how this material thing made of paper and ink, or maybe metal, or even electronic digits in the form of Pixels on your screen tends to be related to how successful a person is percieved to be . Bob Dylan said it best when he said "A man is a success if he gets up in the morning and gets to bed at night, and in between he does what he wants to do.”


Recently researchers at Harvard University who have onducted a 75-year long study to unearth the keys to living a happy and meaningful life studies have shown there isThere’s Zero Correlation Between Money & Happiness


The first thing you need to do If you want to be successful is define what success means to you and only you. Only then will you be ready to take the next step.


Any changes one wishes to make however small are not made without effort. The first thing to control any action is normally determined by a thought and you choose how those thoughts effect your reality. As an example when you wake up in the morning do you have a rough idea or an exact idea what you plans are for the day? If not, why not and when do you plan on knowing how you intend spend each minute of your life..


Its time if you wish to plan your journey your roadmap know where you are going when you intend to get there. You have Choice you can Do It Now.... Or When will you...